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Grover Family Profile

Since 1984, Scott Grover (middle) has been giving his all with Wright Construction. Now, he is one of our most trusted superintendents.

Believe me, we are beyond lucky to have him- especially since pretty much every job we put him on, he gets offered a job from the owners! Not only is he a perfectionist by nature, but he’s also the most charismatic guy, and that’s someone anyone would want to work with.

22 years later, Scott’s oldest son Alex (right)joined the team and we jumped at the chance to have another Grover. It’s clear that Scott passed along his attention to detail to his boys. Alex is a welding man. He likes working with metal because it stays when you finish it. Unlike wood which warps and changes with weather and time.

According to Brett Wright, the Grover boys used to run around the job sites when they were kids speaking in a language only the two of them, and their dad could understand.

Then, in 2006 we got the youngest brother Ryan (left). He was just about 15 when he started- sorting nails for extra cash got him into construction. However, site work and excavation are more his thing.

Both of these guys have incredible personal specialties that are huge assets to the team. While we can’t have them harnessing their special superpowers on every job, all the Grover’s share one quality that contributes to their leadership…they’re the types of guys that can figure things out.

“It’s Construction,” Alex says, (which I’m learning means many things) but really he’s talking about the unpredictability of this industry. Every day there are client requests you must figure out how to complete within budget and time frame. Every day there are unforeseen challenges that you must just roll with. When most people would back down from those challenges and just say, “I don’t know”, the Grover’s figure it out. And if they cannot, they find someone who can. Because they care about the final product.

They’re a dynamic trio because they all have the same high standards for quality, and they definitely lead by example. They all agree that it feels really good to finish something they’re proud of and hear how happy the client is with every aspect of working with them.

The words responsible, respectful, professional, and talented are just a few of the many positive comments we hear from clients about Scott Grover and his sons.

Honestly, we’re just happy that they like working with us. Alex gets more time with his family working for Wright than he did at his previous company, and Ryan feels more challenged here. And Scott’s reputation is incomparable.

No job is without it’s challenges but based on the jokes and banter shared in my interview with them, I can tell that none of them really let the negative in life get them down. They laugh their way through and accept the things they cannot change. Their perspective inspired me personally, and their effort and energy inspires us at Wright to do more and better every day.

According to the Grover’s, the key to success in construction is to pay attention, participate, and NEVER be afraid to ask questions. Know your strengths and use them to your benefit. Recognize your weaknesses, and work to improve them. Never stop learning and never stop training.

The legacy of this family will live in Wright history forever, and in everything they’ve built over the past 36 years.

Thinking about starting your career in construction? Apply to Wright here and join the family. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to learn from a Grover.

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