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Leland & Gray High School

The construction project at Leland & Gray UHS included remodeling the former Dutton Gym, currently used for wood shop and art classes, back to a gymnasium and constructing a 2,600 sq. ft. metal stud framed 2 story addition with brick veneer to the Dutton Gym building.

The new addition consists of classrooms, a workshop, bathrooms and a LULA elevator. The project also consists of a 2,760 square foot structural steel frame with metal stud infill and brick veneer addition above an existing part of the school to house the relocated art rooms, and a 3,600 square foot addition constructed of a structural steel frame with slab on grade and structural insulated roof panels to provide shop and garage space for woodworking and maintenance.

There was also 2,000 square feet of renovations to existing classroom space in the main school.

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