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Kinhaven Music School

Kinhaven is a multiple time repeat customer as we have completed several projects in multi-year phases.

Phase I began in December of 2003; Phase II started in November of 2004 and Phase III were started in February of 2008.

2003 Phase I, provided urgently needed new sleeping cabins at both the Boys site and the Girls site and demolition of outdated cabins to make room for the new arrangement of student cabins and bathhouses.

2004 Phase II consisted of construction of 3 new cabins to house summer faculty. Each 20′x36′ cabin is identical to each other. The buildings are not designed for year round occupancy. Each faculty cabin consists of 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath and a common area that includes a kitchenette. The exterior feature of each faculty cabin is a 7′x8′ deck to enjoy the outdoors and the sounds of music around campus.

2007 Phase III included 3 additional student sleeping cabins and bathhouse.

2009 Phase IV began in February of 2009 and includes the final build out of the Girls site which will, in total, consist of 5 sleeping cabins and two bath houses. The final Girls Site embellishments will round out Phase 4 and tie together all of the structures and blend them into the wooded setting.

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