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Wright Construction and LaValley Building Supply
Give Heald Auditorium Stage a Major Face-Lift

Thanks to the combined forces of the Wright Construction Team and LaValley Building Supply of Ludlow, both the main stage and back-stage of the Heald Auditorium in the Ludlow Town Hall received a much-needed face-lift recently.  LaValley Building Supply donated the paint while Wright Construction supplied the manpower, tools and equipment.  
The Wright crew first moved loose items and then sanded and vacuumed/tack clothed the entire stage floor area to prepare it for painting. This was followed by two separate coats of flat black paint to the stage and back-stage areas.  In addition to applying the paint, the Wright crew also undertook the major project of removing a piano harp and bringing it to the local recycling center for FOLA (Friends of Ludlow Auditorium). The harp was the remains of an old piano that had previously been dismantled and all but the harp had been disposed of. The harp weight is unknown but we can say that it was heavy!   
Ralph Pace, a member of FOLA, commented that he didn't believe anyone could ever move the harp and "was amazed at how easily the Wright crew seemed to handle the task".  
Pictured below are the members of the Wright Team that volunteered their time and talent to complete the project:  
From left to right, they are: Chris LaFreniere, Rich Butrimas, Scott Grover, Scott Robertson, Joe Poston, Gordon Ashcroft-Billings, Carl Lavallee II, Sara Lavallee, Cody Lavallee, Autumn Lavallee and Carl Lavallee III.

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