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Father-Daughter Duo

“Enthusiastic about a challenge,” “A planner and an executor,” “got her father’s good attitude,” and “multitalented” are just a few truths told by our owners about the Vertefeuille family. (pronounced VERT-EH-FAY…just in case you were wondering haha) Superintendent at Wright, Steve Vertefeuille has been with us for a little over a year now and his daughter, Samantha just started about a month ago! Wright Construction is truly family oriented. It’s the type of place you’d want your children to work. We’ve been so lucky to have Steve V. He’s got an amazing sense of humor and it always caught cracking a joke. He’s constantly updating us on what’s going on at his jobsite and leading his team by example and with positivity. A trait he’s clearly passed along to his daughter.

On Samantha’s first day, she was as excited as ever, conversational, and involved. It is often difficult to find people who want to work and do well, and have the talent to. When there is a family member of a guy like Steve looking for a job, it’s almost a guaranteed good addition to the team because we know they’ve been learning from the best since they could pick up a hammer! Samantha is no exception. “It's going great, I think! I'm excited for learning more and new things about work, and being a good addition to the team at Wright. It's been a hot week but a productive one.” Samantha said when we checked in after a couple weeks on the job. Since then we enacted our new shorts policy which apparently Steve is LOVING.

According to Carl Lavallee, Co-Owner and Project Manager at Wright, about a year ago at one of our high end residential projects, there was an electric issue and Steve jumped right in offering up clever ideas to fix the problem. He was even willing to get in there and mess with the wires himself! Of course, electrical work is dangerous as can be, so we left it up to the electrician to deal with. The point is, Steve is a man of many many talents and we and our clients get to benefit from that on the daily. He is a true problem solver. Samantha’s willingness to learn is ideal. She was hired on as an Apprentice Carpenter, but we know she wants to grow and we can’t wait to see what skills she develops the longer she’s here. Must be another trait she got from her dad. Thanks Steve for giving us over a year of laughs, quality work and genuine positivity. And thanks most of all for bringing someone as dedicated as you to the team! Now if only we could have about 5 more Steve’s and Samantha’s. Cheers to family.

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