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Belmont - Private Residence

When the owners of this home in Belmont Vermont came to us to simply replace a few under-performing windows, it was obvious that their long-term vision for this property was much more complicated. They had a 75-mile view overlooking Star Lake and Belmont but their house just didn’t have a functional layout to take advantage of their active lifestyle and entertainment needs. In the end, we replaced the windows (all of them) but we also assisted with a complete redesign effort that included an attached garage and a substantial addition and reconfiguration of the house with the participation of the design firm of Dewey and Associates from Weston Vt.

 The completed project incorporates state of the art energy conservation with great attention to insulating details, high efficiency ground water heating system and solar panels to lower electrical consumption. The finished project includes new siding and roofing, reconfigured decks and the addition of a rather large open living/dining/kitchen area with ample glass to highlight one of the better views in Vermont. The transformation is remarkable!

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